Under the pole

UNDER THE POLE is an underwater exploration program founded in 2008 by Emmanuelle PERIE-BARDOUT and Ghislain BARDOUT, which combines, innovation, scientific research, education and awareness, serving better knowledge and preserving the oceans. Driven by a pioneering spirit and internationally recognized for its expertise in scientific diving missions - in particular in deep diving and in polar environments - UNDER THE POLE has already brought together 250 team members and 300 partner companies and research institutes. They are led by a couple who have made their passion for exploring a profession and a way of life.   From 2017 to [...]

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JJ-CCR Diver December

What is your name? My name is Anneli Sara Banderby, but I go by Sara or Norpan. Hi Sara, how long have you been diving? I have been diving since 2012, first only on vacations and about 2 years ago I started diving more intensely at home in Sweden. Tell us a little bit about yourself: Im 27 years old, working as a Research Scientist at a medtech company in Stockholm. I currently live with Magnus (my underwater and overwater buddy) and a cat. I work as a Divemaster at Dykhuset and my biggest weakness is chocolate and undiscovered [...]

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JJ-CCR October shout out diver

What is your name? Marinos Giourgas (AegeanTec) Hi Marinos, How long have you been diving? OWD since 1988 Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am fifty years old. I am a mechanical engineer and had been working in the financial sector but I got tired of the corporate life. I am now a full time DSAT Tec Trimix Instructor based in Athens where Tec diving to deep wrecks is amazing. I love diving, mountaineering and exercising. What made you start diving? Watching Cousteau’s documentaries back in the 80s, what else?  What is your favourite dive memory? [...]

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Watch Dive Odyssey new movie exploring deep waters using JJ-CCR rebreathers.

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