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Meet the team who dive JJ-CCR and read why they like JJ-CCR.

Phil Short
Phil Short
Phil has a 30 plus year a background of dry caving, a passion that has continued through his life leading to other disciplines including climbing, mapping and diving. The diving spread from cave diving to other areas of diving including wreck hunting, education, media and archaeological diving. Through his diving career Phil has authored educational materials, consulted for manufacturers and scientific institutions and educated organisations including Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the United States National Park Service. Phil has been involved in diving and caving projects and expeditions around the globe leading to his acceptance as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) and a Fellow of the Explorers Club.

What I use/like JJ-CCR:
The JJ-CCR is a robust, simple and reliable CCR platform with great flexibility that is a pleasure to dive. The simple assembly, operation and maintenance make it a great platform for remote and difficult location projects.

René and Sabine
René and Sabine
Have you ever wondered what makes you hooked on diving? For us it is the peacefulness, the nature and the adventure underneath the surface.

How much better can it get when diving a rebreather. No more noises from a million bubbles searching their way to the waterline. The benefit of extended dive time and – to top it off – always best mix in the loop!
René is diving since his early teens, Sabine started in 2003:

What I use/like JJ-CCR:
During all that time we tested and dived a variety of rebreathers. But it is the JJ-CCR, that convinces us the most. It is simply reliable, practically indestructible. No fiddling and tinkering at the dive site, just “plug and dive”. The JJ offers you all the operation modes that you need for safe rebreather diving.

Long story short, now we are not only hooked on diving but also on the JJ-CCR. Just give it a try and we bet you will be addicted to the JJ-CCR as well.

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