To All,
We are all a little shocked by what is going on across the world with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Clearly, the world and everyday life has been majorly affected by this, things at JJCCR are no different and we’re feeling it as well.
What is not affected is production of parts and new units going out to customers.  The part that is affecting us is the availability of cells.  We have been placing our monthly orders, however, the delivery date keeps getting extended.  The issue is across the board with all cell manufacturers.  The cells are getting allocated for “Medical Use Only” and this is the situation that’s currently impacting us.  
To be transparent, here’s the latest response from our cell manufacturer:
Remarkably the demand for medical oxygen sensors has not subsided yet and instructions are still to make these the priority. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel and we are going to start trying to supply sensors in initially small quantities; then hopefully as the pandemic situation stabilizes, we can increase the quantities of rebreather oxygen sensors.
We are asking for everyone to stay safe and hang in there.  The second we get cells in, they will get shipped out in order of the priority in which the orders came in.  In they mean time, please adhere to cell guidelines and dive safely.
Jan Petersen JJ-CCR.