Why use original spare parts?2018-06-12T13:43:04+00:00

Original spare parts from JJ-CCR provide you with a reliable rebreather and factory guarantees.

The JJ-CCR is tested and validated to high certification standards. It is designed by highly experienced engineers and technical divers and all components are there for a reason. Using non-tested aftermarket parts from unknown suppliers can cause serious harm to yourself and/or your rebreather.

An example is aftermarket O2 sensors (cells). During the design of the JJ-CCR Rebreather we tested a great variety of cells from various manufacturers and very few passed our tests and only one was chosen for our system. What we learned from that: DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE ON COPYCATS!

Can I change the content of the listed packages?2017-10-05T18:27:09+00:00

NO – You can add spare parts, options and accessories to your order, but you cannot remove parts from the rebreather (eg. order the unit without first stages, back plate, harness, wing, etc…).

Which VAT applies?2017-10-05T18:01:15+00:00

You should order and collect the JJ-CCR from your instructor. This means you will always pay the VAT from where your instructor is based. If your instructor is based in Germany the VAT will be 19%, or if your instructor is based in the UK the VAT will be 20%.

How much does the shipping cost?2017-10-05T18:02:36+00:00

This is dependant on the final destination of your new JJ-CCR. Please contact your regional dealer.

Can I order the international edition within the EU?2017-10-05T18:05:05+00:00

No – The international edition of the rebreather is for export only and not available within the EU.

Can I use VPM-B on the JJ-CCR controller?2017-10-05T18:06:45+00:00

YES – All Petrel and Petrel2 units can be unlocked with VPM-B. For Predator users ensure v42 or newer of firmware is installed. VPM-B can be purchased from any of Shearwater’s dealers (please see the Shearwater website for a complete listing).

Can I upgrade the JJ-CCR controller to firmware 63?2017-10-05T18:07:53+00:00

YES – You can upgrade the JJ-CCR controller firmware to version 63.

Important Predator Upgrade Notice:
Users of firmware V34 and lower must update to the “Transition Firmware” first. After the Transition Firmware update is complete update to Firmware V63 from the System Setup > Load Upgrade menu. To transfer the firmware to the JJ-CCR controller install Shearwater Desktop and use the Dive Computer > Update Firmware menu.

Do you sell parts of the JJ-CCR for self made projects?2017-10-05T18:21:30+00:00

NO – We do not sell any parts for any kind of self made projects.

What is the current delivery time for a JJ-CCR?2018-06-04T10:55:06+00:00

Please contact us at jp@jj-ccr.com or your local instructor for actual delivery information for your rebreather order.

What is the weight of the unit?2017-10-05T18:22:55+00:00

The weight of the JJ- CCR ready to use with 3 liter tanks is 34.2 kg. The plain rebreather without tanks and absorbent is 19.8 kg.

Why are you using 300 bar tanks with 232 bar valves?2017-10-05T18:28:35+00:00

This is a wrong assumption. The working pressure for our 3 liter tank is 232 bar, though you will notice that the test pressure is 450 bar. This means that this type of tank is suitable for a maximal working pressure of 300 bar.

Our setup is a tank with a working pressure of 232 bar and 232 bar valves.

Of course it would be possible to get the same tank with a working pressure of 300 bar, but in this case you would also need 300 bar valves. This is not a huge problem on the diluent, but there are no 300 bar M26x2 valves available that can be used for the CE edition.

When sending a shipment to JJ-CCR, what freight service shall be used?2017-10-05T18:25:35+00:00

You must under no circumstances use post delivery service as for example; postnord! The regular post delivery service does not work properly in the region and the goods will not come through!

Please use UPS, DHL, TNT or similar and receive a tracking number.


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