UNDER THE POLE is an underwater exploration program founded in 2008 by Emmanuelle PERIE-BARDOUT and Ghislain BARDOUT, which combines, innovation, scientific research, education and awareness, serving better knowledge and preserving the oceans.
Driven by a pioneering spirit and internationally recognized for its expertise in scientific diving missions – in particular in deep diving and in polar environments – UNDER THE POLE has already brought together 250 team members and 300 partner companies and research institutes. They are led by a couple who have made their passion for exploring a profession and a way of life.
From 2017 to 2021, Under The Pole sails on an exceptional expedition dedicated to the exploration of the ocean’s twilight zone. For 3 years, a team of divers and scientists are travelling the world on board polar schooner WHY, from the Arctic to the Antarctic via the Pacific and the Atlantic.
Their recent missions in French Polynesia were to study mesophotic coral (2018-2019) but also the interaction between the reef and submarine life with their Capsule (2019). The Capsule is a basic and light underwater habitat, relatively autonomous and not very bulky, aimed at hosting teams of divers for missions dedicated to the knowledge of the underwater environment during multiple days. At the end of the year, they will sail to Antarctica and study the depths of this fragile continent.
Since 2017, JJCCR support Under The Pole through their scientific expedition.
« We are proud to be supported by JJCCR from the Arctic to the Antarctic via the Pacific Ocean. Reliability, sturdiness and excellence characterize this machine who follow us all around the globe on the surface until the deepness of our oceans. »