What is your name?
Marinos Giourgas (AegeanTec)

Hi Marinos, How long have you been diving?
OWD since 1988

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am fifty years old. I am a mechanical engineer and had been working in the financial sector but I got tired of the corporate life. I am now a full time DSAT Tec Trimix Instructor based in Athens where Tec diving to deep wrecks is amazing. I love diving, mountaineering and exercising.

What made you start diving?
Watching Cousteau’s documentaries back in the 80s, what else? 

What is your favourite dive memory?
Being the first to dive the wreck of a JU 52 that I discovered off the island of Rhodes in 2018

What type of diving do you prefer? Wreck Cave etc?
I prefer wrecks and deep walls

What made you start diving closed circuit rebreather?
I believe CCR is the future in diving. In all levels both Technical and Recreational

What made you choose JJ-CCR as a rebreather?
Working on Malta at Techwise I found out that JJ is one of the most robust and versatile options in CCR diving. First time I dived it I thought it was natural.

What advice would you give fellow diver who is looking at starting to dive rebreather?
Do not go for CCR diving unless you feel really confident with your diving on a SCUBA Unit. Even for the more experienced divers I believe that Technical diving on a twinset should be the first step before moving into the world of CCR

Any other funny memory that you want to share with us?
Dropping a deco cylinder after a 60m dive off the Maltese coast in 2015 just on arriving at the boat that was waiting for us. Of course you can imagine what I had to go through when I arrived at our base…. Luckily my buddy found it a week later during his 60m dive on a JJ and a DPV.