Why use original spare parts?

Original spare parts from JJ-CCR provide you with a reliable rebreather and factory guarantees. The JJ-CCR is tested and validated to high certification standards. It is designed by highly experienced engineers and technical divers and all components are there for a reason. Using non-tested aftermarket parts from unknown suppliers can cause serious harm to yourself and/or your rebreather. An example is aftermarket O2 sensors (cells). During the design of the JJ-CCR Rebreather we tested a great variety of cells from various manufacturers and very few passed our tests and only one was chosen for our system. What we learned from [...]

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What is the weight of the unit?

The weight of the JJ- CCR ready to use with 3 liter tanks is 34.2 kg. The plain rebreather without tanks and absorbent is 19.8 kg.

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Why are you using 300 bar tanks with 232 bar valves?

This is a wrong assumption. The working pressure for our 3 liter tank is 232 bar, though you will notice that the test pressure is 450 bar. This means that this type of tank is suitable for a maximal working pressure of 300 bar. Our setup is a tank with a working pressure of 232 bar and 232 bar valves. Of course it would be possible to get the same tank with a working pressure of 300 bar, but in this case you would also need 300 bar valves. This is not a huge problem on the diluent, but [...]

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