Can I use VPM-B on the JJ-CCR controller?

YES – All Petrel and Petrel2 units can be unlocked with VPM-B. For Predator users ensure v42 or newer of firmware is installed. VPM-B can be purchased from any of Shearwater’s dealers (please see the Shearwater website for a complete listing).

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Can I upgrade the JJ-CCR controller to firmware 63?

YES – You can upgrade the JJ-CCR controller firmware to version 63. Important Predator Upgrade Notice: Users of firmware V34 and lower must update to the “Transition Firmware” first. After the Transition Firmware update is complete update to Firmware V63 from the System Setup > Load Upgrade menu. To transfer the firmware to the JJ-CCR controller install Shearwater Desktop and use the Dive Computer > Update Firmware menu.

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