A must have for everyone interested in the underwater realm.

This magnificent large-format photo book created by Carl Douglas and Jonas Dahm and in collaboration with the VOTO foundation, takes you down to the most spectacular wrecks in the Baltic Sea.

The unique qualities of the Baltic, with its cold water and the historic lack of shipworms, has help to preserve the shipwrecks better than anywhere else in the world. This makes the Baltic Sea an enthralling irresistible treasure chest trove for divers. There are warships dating from the 17th century, magnificent wooden ships from the 18th century, cargo ships from the 19th century and warships from the Second World War.

In these dark, cold, deep and rather harsh environments the divers have chosen to dive using JJ-CCR rebreather for its versatility and reliability. You will find that Jan Petersen creator of the JJ-CCR rebreather appear on some of the photos.

VOTO foundation was founded in 2019 at the initiative of Carl Douglas. He has for thirty years been engaged in, and dived, the oceans all over the world. His patronage includes, among many things, financing the discovery of a Swedish DC-3 shot down by Soviet fighter jets in the Baltic in 1952, the support of many ocean-research projects and the production of documentary films. You can read more about the VOTO foundation on