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Head Up Display

The JJ-CCR Rebreather is supplied as standard with a HUD (Head Up Display). The HUD functions fully
independently of the controller. This means that it uses its own DiveCAN® bus, electronic and power




Essential features of the Head Up Display:
PPO2 display from 3 oxygen sensors.
Modified Smither's code blink pattern.
Bright light emitting diodes with vibrant colors.
Color-blind blink pattern (optional setting).
Wet contacts for automatic turn-on and user commands.
DiveCAN® communications interface for robust data transmission
  and easy upgrades, disassembly and repairs.
Bright red end-cap LED for buddy warnings.
Automatic brightness control optimizes viewing in all conditions.
Red color only used for unsafe PPO2 warnings.

Essential features of the JJ-CCR Rebreather:

  • Highly robust aluminium housing to which it is possible to secure up to 4
    diving tanks (2 - 12 litre) using conventional tank belts.
  • Self-filling soda lime canister (axial or optionally additionally radial)
  • Heavy duty stand
  • Integrated handle
  • Back-mounted counter lungs
  • Redundant power supply: One battery for the controller,
    one battery for the HUD and two parallel batteries for the
    solenoid. None of the batteries are integrated into the loop.
  • Integrated ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve)
  • DSV (Dive Surface Valve)
  • Valve for manual oxygen feeding with the option of feeding in external
    gases - also optional for the diluent
  • Independent Digital HUD (Head Up Display) with real-time display of PPO2
    for all three oxygen sensors
  • Reliable controller with an integrated multi-gas decompression
    computer (based on the Shearwater Petrel)
  • Supplemental manual diluent inflation (JJ-CCR Rebreather DiveCAN - CE Edition)
  • Diiuent inline shut-off valve (JJ-CCR Rebreather DiveCAN - CE Edition)