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Dutch Dive Expo - Duikvaker 2015 | December 8

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JJ-CCR Rebreathers will be present at the Dutch diveshow DUIKVAKER 2015, represented by the Benelux distributor DiveWise Technical Diving. Date: Sat. 31 January to Sun. 1 February 2015.

For more information about the show: http://www.duikvaker.nl/dutchdiveexpo/


Petrel 2 | German manual | Firmware v59 | December 2

Since November 15, 2014 all new JJ-CCR rebreathers are equipped with the Petrel 2 DiveCAN controller. There is no visual difference to the Petrel 1 and all technical data remain the same,
except for two new features:

    Smart Ready Bluetooth for communication with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)
    Three-axis, tilt-compensated, digital compass

The Petrel 2 DiveCAN controller can be identified by the circuit board version 3.4.0 or higher.
(System Setup > Adv config > System Info)

To enable the new features, you will need to install the v27 firmware, which can be found within the download section. The user manuals (CE and International) are updated with the Petrel 2 DiveCAN controller and v27 features and can be downloaded as well.

We provide an upgrade path for all JJ-CCR customers with a Petrel 1 DiveCAN controller: You can return the Petrel 1 DiveCAN controller to a Shearwater service center and they will replace the circuit board for 500 CAD (plus shipping, excl. VAT).


German translation of the user manual
To demonstrate our on-going support for our German-speaking customers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, a German user manual for the JJ-CCR CE Edition was released today. It can be found in the download section.

v59 firmware for "Analog" controller
v59 is a recommended firmware upgrade for all owners of a JJ-CCR with a Shearwater Predator
based controller. Please download the release notes from our download section.

FIRMWARE UPGRADE v21 | October 15

Firmware v21 for the JJ-CCR DiveCAN controller released
Firmware v21 is a minor update and does not add new features to the JJ-CCR DiveCAN controller. Updating from v18 is not necessary, unless for the following change:

The firmware v21 removes the auto-promotion of the setpoint .19 to low setpoint when wet! Reminder: Setpoint .19 is not intended for use when breathing on the loop. The .19 setpoint is a convenience feature when setting up and storing the rebreather only.

We have updated the JJ-CCR users manuals for the v21 firmware. You can download the user manuals and the v21 firmware from the download section.

Important: The update to v21 requires the latest version 2.3.8 of the "Shearwater Desktop" software

FIRMWARE UPGRADE v.18 | August 18

We have updated the user manual for the JJ-CCR Rebreather DiveCAN, international and CE edition for the controller firmware v18.

You can download the updated user manuals and v18 firmware from the download section.

When you update the controller to v18, please make sure that you update the SOLO board
to v.07 at the same time.


Best regards
Jan Petersen


SOLO Firmware Version 07

The new SOLO firmware version 07 is recommended for all users of the JJ-CCR Rebreather DiveCAN. The new features are:

  • During PPO2 auto-calibration procedure, the SOLO now transmits the PPO2 (from the previous calibration). When used with Petrel firmware v18 or higher, this allows viewing of the PPO2 during auto-calibration.
  • Added sampling of solenoid current when the solenoid is expected to be off. If current is detected when solenoid should be off, sends a "Solenoid Alert" message.

We added the "SOLO_v07_Package" as download within the "JJ-CCR Rebreather DivCAN" section.
The package contains: SOLO version 7 firmware, DiveCAN firmware updater software, DiveCAN upgrade guide and the release notes.


Please note that the DiveCAN firmware updater is a Windows application and
the software is not available for Apple OSX!


EN14143:2013 - The odyssey is over! | August 1

CE Announcement image

EN14143:2013 - The odyssey is over!
It was a long journey, but today it is our pleasure to announce the successful CE for the JJ-CCR rebreather DiveCAN. We are very proud to be one of the first, or maybe the very first rebreather manufacturer with a CE according the new EN14143:2013 standard! The CE demonstrates our commitment to the European market and that we take the local rules and regulations serious.

Our special thanks goes to all involved people, and especially to Dave Thompson and Dietmar Inäbnit. Both of them worked extremely hard to achieve the CE. We also would like to thank our instructors and customers for there patience and understanding.

The download section of our homepage has been updated with the new CE user manual, price list and CE certification. To make it easier for you to find the right downloads the structure has been changed. All downloads for the "JJ-CCR rebreather DiveCAN" can be found in one section and everything, which is related to the older version, can be found underneath "JJ-CCR rebreather - analog"

There is a huge backlog for the "JJ-CCR DiveCAN CE Edition". We are awaiting the new CE plates from our supplier and as soon as we get them, everything will be done to get them out as fast as possible.

Best regards

Jan Petersen

News about the CE-issue | July 10

Please check our download section for information about the CE-issue.

News about update of the DiveCan HUD | July 10

NEWS_DiveCan HUD_2014

Push Button DiveCAN HUD

Based on your feedback to us Shearwater Research Inc. re-designed the DiveCAN HUD used on the JJ-CCR rebreather. The new version uses a push button to enter commands, which makes it much more easier to enter commands than the first version. The new version is also much shorter.

All new JJ-CCR rebreathers are now delivered with the new push button DiveCAN HUD. Additionally as special customer service all owners of a JJ-CCR rebreather with the first DiveCAN version will get the new version free of charge! We can't give you a timeframe for the replacement, but we hope to get them as soon as possible.

The user manual of the international edition 2014 has been updated with the new push button HUD.
Please go to the download section for the updated manual!

Best regards
Jan Petersen

BTS Dive Show 2014 | March 12

Rebreathers USA, LLC has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for JJ-CCR in the US

BTS Dive Show 2014

On the 28-30 of March 2014, JJ-CCR will be present at the Beneath The Sea show.

For more information: http://www.beneaththesea.org/


News and updates

Duikvaker 2018


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Freight issues in Denmark


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New manual


Updated manual available! Version 2.00 / Revision 05

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Träffa instruktörerna Marcus Runesson och Rasmus Ravnsborg på Dykmässan, lär känna dem och JJ-CCR Rebreathern!

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XRC canister


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New SOLO Firmware Version 12


The new SOLO v12 firmware is recommended for all users of the JJ-CCR Rebreather DiveCAN:

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