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Dutch "DUIKVAKER" Diveshow | November 12


On the 1st and 2nd of February 2014, JJ-CCR will be present at the Dutch diveshow DUIKVAKER 2014 represented by the Benelux distributor DiveWise Technical Diving.

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Be aware of copy cells configured for the JJ-CCR! They are not tested or approved by us and will invalidate your warranty of the JJ-CCR. Please don't use them as they may not be compatible with the electronics.

DEMA 2013 | October 21

JJ-CCR ApS will attend the DEMA 2013 show in Orlando, november 6-9!
Meet us in booth no. 1886. WELCOME!

OZTeK 2013 | March 7

About OZTeK 2013
A major international event that, (since its inception in 1999) has done more to highlight the adventure and excitement inherent in diving than any other, OZTeK - the Australian Diving Technologies Conference and Exhibition - continues to play a key role in creating broad awareness of those techniques and technologies that are helping to push back the boundaries of underwater knowledge.

Produced by divers for divers, the OZTeK Conference and Dive Exhibition offers unique insights into the entire world of underwater adventure by encouraging a better understanding of all that diving has to offer.

Representing the broad spread of diving interests the Speaker and Exhibitor list for OZTeK2013 will again include many of the most prominent world leaders in their particular fields of expertise; people whose wealth of knowledge is second to none and who have been instrumental in helping to shape the future growth and development of diving.

Focussed on the full spectrum of underwater activities, (from recreational, technical, commercial, military and scientific diving through to free-diving and marine conservation issues) the two-day OZTeK2013 Conference & Dive Exhibition will merge all facets of diving into one event aimed at promoting the exhilaration and adventure of diving to a passionate and enthusiastic audience.

To be staged at Australian Technology Park, (in Sydney, Australia,) on the weekend of the 16- 17 March 2013, OZTeK2013 is a clearly focussed and targeted event that taps into the very core of exciting diving experiences; one that nobody who is serious about diving can afford to miss.

HUD Button | February 9

The manufacturer of the HUD button has made a small design change of the button itself. The old button is no longer available from the manufacturer that is the only reason why we had to switch.

BOV - Generation II | February 1

There have been a lot of questions and discussions surrounding the JJ-CCR bailout valve.
As a response to this issue we would like to inform that we are currently working on a
BOV-generation 2 and have closed the availability of the former BOV
for the international version of the JJ-CCR.

More information will come as development proceeds.

Busy days | January 31

Busy days_2013_2

All the machines in the workshop is up and running! It´s busy days onboard JJ-CCR ApS. We are looking forward to an interesting year of 2013 with exciting diving and events to come! We are currently in a hectic period with full production of JJ-CCR´s which feels really good. 2012 was an exciting year with a lot of groundbreaking expeditions for a great number of JJ-CCR divers. We look forward to see a bunch of new experienced divers choosing to be part of the JJ-CCR community during 2013. We will work hard to support our customers and friends the best way we can!

REMEMBER! We are divers as well and office hours is: monday to friday 07.00 to 16.00

Paris Dive Show | January 2


Aldo Ferrucci sera présent pendant les trois jours du Salon de la Plongée de Paris, a son stand E22 à E24 avec le recycleur JJ CCR et tout son merchandising. Vous aurez l'occasion de voir en vraie le recycleur, et de demander directement à Aldo toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin au sujet de ce caractéristiques, les performances et la qualité.

Aldo Ferrucci will be present during the three days of the Paris Dive Show, booth E22 to E24 displaying the JJ-CCR rebreather and parts of the merchandising. You will be able to see and touch the rebreather, and talk directly to Aldo about the characteristics, performance and quality.


News and updates

Duikvaker 2018


Meet DiveWise Technical Diving and the JJ-CCR at Duikvaker! February 3-4.

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Sensor Cover released


A sensor cover / travel protection is now available from JJ-CCR.

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Freight issues in Denmark


Extensive problems with Post delivery services in Denmark.

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New manual


Updated manual available! Version 2.00 / Revision 05

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Träffa instruktörerna Marcus Runesson och Rasmus Ravnsborg på Dykmässan, lär känna dem och JJ-CCR Rebreathern!

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European Dive Show


Meet the JJ-CCR in Bologna, Italy together with the staff of Ponza Diving! (stand no A-28) 3/5 March 2017

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Meet JJ-CCR at America´s largest Consumer Scuba and Dive Travel Show, March 24-26 in New Jersey.

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Meet DiveWise Technical Diving at Duikvaker and get a presentation of the JJ-CCR Rebreather. February 4-5.

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XRC canister


Now available - XRC canister

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New SOLO Firmware Version 12


The new SOLO v12 firmware is recommended for all users of the JJ-CCR Rebreather DiveCAN:

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