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Rubens Monaco

JJ-CCR Level 1 Instructor

Having learnt to dive in 1986, it was not long before I became an instructor and ventured down the technical diving path. An avid cave diver, I started diving the caves in Mt Gambier, South Australia in 1989. From there my passion for tech diving grew and it was not long after that I became a technical instructor and began teaching cave and ocean open circuit tech diving. In 1995 I opened my dive store which I still run today.
Although I have had the good fortune of travelling all over the world with my diving, the majority of my 12000+ dives have been in the beautiful waters of Melbourne in Australia. My first rebreather was a Drager Dolphin, but it wasn't long before I moved from a semi-closed unit to a CCR.
My CCR experience started in 1999 and since then I have acquired a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of CCR training. I have been lucky enough to train with some of the best CCR instructors in the world which has enabled me to use this experience in the way I teach and run my courses.
I am available for training on the JJ-CCR all year round and can teach entry level, Trimix and Cave CCR on the unit.  For a quote on training, unit sales or if you just want to have a chat about this awesome unit, please do not hesitate to contact me.
TDI CCR Instructor Trainer  (Entry Level, Trimix, Cave CCR)
PADI CCR Instructor Trainer (Entry Level)
IANTD CCR Instructor (Entry Level, Trimix, Cave CCR)
CDAA Advanced Cave Instructor


Rubens Monaco
5/7 Thamer Street
Rosebud West, VIC, 3940
Ph: +61 3 5981 1551
Mob: +61 413 429 533
E-mail: info@idcscuba.com.au
Web: www.idcscuba.com.au

News and updates

Duikvaker 2018


Meet DiveWise Technical Diving and the JJ-CCR at Duikvaker! February 3-4.

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Sensor Cover released


A sensor cover / travel protection is now available from JJ-CCR.

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Freight issues in Denmark


Extensive problems with Post delivery services in Denmark.

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New manual


Updated manual available! Version 2.00 / Revision 05

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Träffa instruktörerna Marcus Runesson och Rasmus Ravnsborg på Dykmässan, lär känna dem och JJ-CCR Rebreathern!

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European Dive Show


Meet the JJ-CCR in Bologna, Italy together with the staff of Ponza Diving! (stand no A-28) 3/5 March 2017

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Meet JJ-CCR at America´s largest Consumer Scuba and Dive Travel Show, March 24-26 in New Jersey.

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Meet DiveWise Technical Diving at Duikvaker and get a presentation of the JJ-CCR Rebreather. February 4-5.

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XRC canister


Now available - XRC canister

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New SOLO Firmware Version 12


The new SOLO v12 firmware is recommended for all users of the JJ-CCR Rebreather DiveCAN:

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